RepTrak Research and Consulting

Reputation House stands behind its clients to help get a handle on stakeholder engagement for success in building and protecting Reputation from the inside out.

In addition to helping clients build value beyond the norm, Reputation House delivers the RepTrak® products and services that Reputation Institute has been delivering in South Africa since 2006. We offer our stakeholders a broader range of improved products and services that have benefitted from the parent company’s latest innovations as well as the local chapter’s deeper understanding of South Africa’s Economic Context.

There are 5 Pillars that are central to what Reputation House has to offer:

  1. RepTrak® Research
    as the global Gold Standard of Reputation measurement and research expertise.
  2. Reputation Management Strategies
    and customised guided interventions designed to help companies thrive in the Reputation Economy.
  3. Reputation Mindfulness Training Courses
    offered In-house at customers’ request and externally to professionals of different levels in the areas of corporate communications; governance, (ethics, risk and sustainability) and executives at director level.
  4. Stakeholder Mapping and Alignment Workshops.
  5. Membership
    to the Reputation Custodians Network in South Africa.

Through Reputation House, clients can access Reputation Institute’s Professional Services which extend from:

  • Reputation Insight and Corporate Reputation Strategies to
  • Reducing Reputation Risks and
  • Aligning stakeholders with the organisation’s Strategy and Culture


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