A crucial component of Reputation Management is the need for solid insights into key stakeholders’ perceptions and expectations of your company.  A multi-stakeholder reputation study conducted among your company’s key stakeholders is valuable to audit and evaluate stakeholder perceptions, priorities and expectations. The aim of the multi-stakeholder reputation study is to source relevant insights into key influencer/stakeholder perceptions of your company, which can be used to create a Reputation Stakeholder Management System, a Reputation Strategy or a Reputation Dashboard required to measure, understand and improve the company’s reputation among the selected group of stakeholders.


To determine what influences the emotional connection for a select group of stakeholders in order to build trust respect, admiration and support.

Reputation Institute’s Approach

The study provides an opportunity for you to identify stakeholder groups which have specific interest in your company based on how critical they are to the future success of your company’s business. Internal interviews will be conducted with several of your company executives and senior managers. The outcome of these interviews are used to design the research instrument. The questionnaires are specifically designed to source quantitative and qualitative insights into stakeholder perceptions of your company. External subjects will be interviewed face-to-face or telephonically.


Reputation Institute will provide your company with a comprehensive report which will contain information on:

–Stakeholder emotional connection to your company

–your company’s performance in the reputation dimensions

–perceptions of your company’s communications. i.e. What should your company be prioritising in its messaging and communications in order to improve its reputation among its stakeholders

–qualitative analysis on the open-ended questions relating to your company stakeholder expectations and stakeholder perceptions of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities

–burning issues that require attention and some strategic issues

–potential reputation risks

Reputation Institute will also deliver a Presentation of the above results to your company’s key internal stakeholders in a workshop.

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