RepTrak DeepDive

RepTrak™ DeepDive is a quantitative stakeholder perception study that uses our RepTrak™ model which is grounded in academic research and over a decade of rigorous repeated testing. The RepTrak™ model consists of 7 dimensions and 23 attributes. This model can be used to best explain the reputation of your company.

The study will:  

  • source ratings from 300 respondents.
  • determine the emotional connection respondents have with your company.
  • through statistical analysis identify drivers of your company’s reputation.
  • identify which RepTrak™ attributes can be leveraged to influence behaviour (i.e. would invest; recommend; use products/; trust in times of crisis).
  • benchmark the scores against a relevant company.

The outcomes of the RepTrakDeepDive will include:

  • Your company’s specific reputation index score – benchmarked against the company of choice.
  • Your company’s scores on the RepTrak™ dimensions and attributes – benchmarked against the company of choice
  • Your company’s specific reputation drivers – i.e. what should your company be prioritizing in its messaging and communications in order to improve its reputation among its key stakeholders.
  • A supportive behaviour analysis including the identification of strategic leverage areas to shift behaviour.



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