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Our companies are some of South Africa’s leading blue chip companies.

Reputation House has been privileged to assist companies navigate the Reputation Economy in various ways. In 2015, we are proud to announce the launch of a network designed to empower custodians of Reputation to Build and Protect reputation from the Inside Out .

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Reputation Custodians Network

Through the Reputation Custodians Network, Reputation House provides a series of peer group meetings and engagements packed with the latest approaches and insights into local and global best practice in the field of reputation management.


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Whereas strong reputations have always been sustained from the inside out, in the age of social media, increased public scrutiny and organisations being more transparent than ever, company reputations are much more vulnerable if not backed up by the organisational culture.

Alignment of external perception with the internal culture is key to building, protecting and sustaining a stellar reputation” Dominik Heil, Global partner and MD of the Reputation Institute in South Africa 2006 -2015