Benefits of RepTrak


The value derived from RepTrak® research can be found on multiple levels for your company, however the aspects which most company’s find most valuable would be in strategic planning and governance. There are numerous case studies providing evidence to the premise that companies who actively manage their reputation weather the storm or crisis and regain market value as well as have better overall share price performance.

The insights gained from research of this nature provides valuable information which can be used to determine if your current reputation will allow you to achieve your strategic goals and fulfill governance requirements. The results provide power findings which can be used to create dash boards and identify opportunities/threats for your company in strategic planning.

Understanding the perceptions stakeholders have of your company, including what is driving their perceptions and the level of support they will offer your company, provides insights to inform an active reputation management strategy. Identifying the reputation risks that may exist plays a key role in governance and fulfilling the role of the board whose responsibility, according to King III, is to protect a company’s reputation.

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