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Reputation House is About

Building and Protecting Reputation from the Inside Out

We offer all clients a wide range of tools for getting a better handle on the reputation management journey. This, through providing access to a mix of diverse skills and know-how in reputation management and corporate leadership. Our team of world class strategists and consulting academics are ideal partners with whom to navigate the Reputation Economy.

Learn about Reputation

We facilitate access to Reputation Institute’s RepTrak® research, the global gold standard tool-kit that delivers tried and tested Reputation Management expertise.

Create Internal Alignment

Applying ResoFact™ Conversation methodology is aimed at generating alignment and fine-tuning organisational processes for safeguarding buy-in from internal stakeholders. It is a qualitative research system revealing organisational barriers to success.

Grow Reputation

Membership of the Reputation Custodians Network gives access to rich sources of information of global, local and industry relevance. These are gatherings of peers for knowledge sharing while benefiting from many years of research and world class approaches to reputation management.

Protect Reputation

Stakeholder Mapping & Reputation management strategies are delivered by our team of world class trainers and consultants that are ready to provide well-defined approaches to crafting and implementing reputation strategies for managing perceptions of and relationships with mission-critical stakeholders.

Sustain Reputation

Reputation Mindfulness Training – Internal engagement through tailor-made educational approaches targetting various levels of the organisation are designed to sensitise employees to understand and appreciate their role in safe guarding your organisation’s reputation.

Our Team of Strategists empower Executive Teams in South Africa Deliver Value beyond The Norm 


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