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Ubuntu.Lab is an eight-month applied online-offline learning program for change-makers, emerging and established leaders and innovators across Africa.

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Please consider whether your company or organisation may wish to send a number of delegates, either staff or individuals sponsored via CSI budgets, that could benefit from participating in this Africa wide initiative supported by a number of international organisations.

Your company / organisation would be most welcome to come on board as one of our Ubuntu.Lab Hub SPONSORS. The sessions begin on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 September.

This initiative is part of the Benefits of Reputation Custodianship Network™(RCN), our NEW Membership offer that connects people across Africa. We attach a report for further background information and a copy of last Friday’s M&G article.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss Ubuntu.Lab and our NEW RCN membership details as soon as you have a moment.  For convenience to support internal discussions, here is a quick video of Martin Kalungu-Banda explaining what Ubuntu.Lab is about:


Ubuntu.Lab – Introduction from Presencing Institute on Vimeo.

Potential participants are encouraged to REGISTER  at:

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